Old Village Fire Company
Station 11
Middletown Township Fire Department

1340 Highway 35
Middletown, NJ 07748
P: 732.671.5704 / F: 732.796.0127


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Department Active Members
1101 Vacant 1124 David A. D'Arcy
1102 Andrew VanWagoner 1125 James Tuohy
1103 Vacant 1126 Richard Millward
1104 Michael Spratford 1127 Vacant
1105 Rocco Nigro 1128 Vacant
1106 Jeffrey Siegel 1129 Joseph Lomonaco
1107 Michael E. Lee , Ex Chief 1130 Vacant
1108 William Hrehowsik 1131 Vacant
1109 James Corrao 1132 Vacant
1110 Donald Anderson 1133 Bruce George , Ex Chief
1111 Vincent Falci, Ex Chief 1134 Vacant
1112 Richard Sass 1135 Vacant
1113 Vacant 1136 Eric Van Schaack
1114 Vacant 1137 Vacant
1115 Vacant 1138 Michael VanWagoner
1116 Dennis Smith 1139 Vacant
1117 Phillip Valese 1140 Alex Czaplicki
1118 Thomas Wieczerzak 1141 Brad Memoli
1119 Steven Schweizer 1142 Vacant
1120 Michael Rodgers 1143 Vernon Peterson
1121 Vacant 1144 Christopher Roland
1122 Patrick Mannix 1145 Robert Smith
1123 Vacant    

Life Members
Thomas Bock Richard Sass
Robert Deaney Dennis Smith
Bruce George Michael Spratford
Michael E. Lee Steven Schweizer
Patrick Mannix James Tuohy
Richard Millward Phillip Valese
Christian Pedersen  

Company Active Members

Jason Wankel Jesse Stanton
Vincent Buccigrossi Megan Daneman
Joseph Clark, Military leave  

Probationary Members
Henry Hahn  

Company Associate Members

Anthony Iacavone Patrick Mc Graner
Patrick Mayer  

Fire Explorers
Matthew VanWagoner Logan Peterson

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